An overview of bladder cancer: symptoms, causes and risk factors

5 Aug

Throughout history mankind has fought off illness and disease as best as they could. For a long time, even simple things such as a common cold could kill off many people. But with the advancement of modern medicine, very few illnesses are truly life threatening when the proper treatment is administered. But sadly, cancer still reigns as one of the kings of the illness world and claims countless innocent lives every year. There are many different kinds of cancer, but one such cancer is bladder cancer.

Thankfully, most bladder cancer is caught at an early stage, so it is highly accepting of treatment. But like most cancers, a recurrence of the cancer is highly likely later in life. Bladder cancer forms, quite obviously, in the bladder.

Because of the location in the body, bladder cancer plays a hectic dance with the urinary system. This can cause frequent or even painful urination. Most people with bladder cancer also experience differing levels of blood in their urine, causing it to have a slight brownish hue to full on dark brown, almost like a soda. Because of the location of the cancerous growth, back and pelvic pain are also common bladder cancer symptoms.

Bladder Cancer PhotoWhile no one can really say for sure what causes any cancer, there are certain risk factors that lead to higher instances of bladder cancer. Men are more likely to suffer from bladder cancer than women are, as are Caucasians. Smoking naturally leads to more cancer growth than just about anything outside of radiation, and should be avoided at all costs. Another common factor is simply getting older, as bladder cancer is far more common in the later years of life than in youth.

As mentioned earlier, bladder cancer has a very high rate of recurrence. Because of this, each and every bladder cancer survivor will want to go in for follow up testing almost yearly for many years after their treatments. But the frequency of the visits vary depending on how bad and what type of bladder cancer they had.

Dealing with bladder cancer isn’t fun for anyone, but it is important that those afflicted keep their family and loved ones in the loop. By having someone around that understands why you constantly have to go to the bathroom or walk around after sitting for awhile can help keep your spirits up. In the end, don’t let cancer beat you. Fight back and never give up.