A Simple 3 Steps Plan To Lose Weight

quick weight lossLosing weight is not easy, especially if you are attempting to get in shape for a special occasion. If you keep in mind the fact that losing weight is not equal to wearing smaller clothing, it will be possible for you to reach your weight loss goals in two weeks. Muscle is heavier than fat, so toning your body while trying to shed the weight will give you better results. The best way for you to achieve your goals would be to make changes to your diet and adjust the amount of physical activity in your daily routine.

Step 1

The HealthyChoicesInLife weight loss experts recommend that people create an exercise regimen that includes, aerobics as well as strength and flexibility training. You will need the flexibility training to prevent yourself from becoming injured while doing strenuous exercise. Strength training is key because it will help increase your muscle mass, which is crucial if you want to lose weight. This will help the body burn more calories. Lastly, aerobics is essential because it burns calories, reduces the amount of fat on the body and makes you look sleek.

Step 2

Your diet should not include sugar, saturated or trans fat and refined flour. These types of food have useless calories and no nutritional value. Instead, eat a diet that contains fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains (unsweetened), beans and peas, as well as natural fats from seeds, nuts, olive oil and avocado.

Step 3

Reduce the amount of calories you eat, but make sure not to cut down too much. If you are a woman, you should not consume less than 1,400 calories per day, while men shouldn’t have any less than 1,700. Ignoring this advice will lead to energy loss and the body will no longer be able to burn calories as it should. Make sure that you eat reasonable portions. Half of your meals should consist of green, leafy vegetables. You should snack on healthy things like fresh fruits and veggies, plain, low-fat yogurt and raw nuts.

A Review Of Proactol Diet Pills: Effective Or Not? Find The Truth!

proactol plus clinically tested fat binderAccording to the numerous surveys conducted by reputable organizations about best ways or methods that can be applied for losing weight and living a better life, Proactol reviews have been found to be the most positive in the market with the highest chance of proving the results with the highest rate possible. This product has been around for quite long time compared to its competitors and has helped thousands of its users shed weight either for heath reasons or just for the overall weight loss even with many challenging cases. So the big question being sought is whether the product is the best in the market, or is just mere rhetoric applied by marketers in the field.

In a layman’s definition, it is basically a fat binder that is applied to reduce the excessive fats in the body. It is therefore attached to the fiber and then removed or cleared out by the normal visits at the toilet, the result to say the least is phenomenal. According to the experts and the people who have applied Proactol, the amazing finding is that the product has almost a 28 percent success rate of fat reduction in the body and, the icing on the cake is that the whole process is pain-free to the users and applicants. The other important feature of Proactol diet pill is that it is well used to bind bile acid to stop the body from absorbing excessive glucose thereby leading to a gross appetite loss and eventually playing a major role towards removal of excessive fats in the body.

Overall, the fact that the product does not interfere with the metabolic system and, is a real natural product with less or minimal side effects to the user, is an added bonus.

An overview of a low carb diet

Are you looking to lose weight and cut out some fat? One of the best things you can do is participate in a low carb diet. There are plenty of diets that you will be able to take advantage of, but cutting out your carbs will get you quick and sustainable results. Carbs often turn into fat, so by eliminating them from your diet or cutting down, you’ll be able to trim down and get ready for the beach. You’ll be strutting your stuff on the beach in a bikini in no time, and will be glad that you participated in the diet.

Cranberries - low carb fruitsWhen cutting out carbs, you will typically add plenty of protein to your diet. What this does is add muscle and allows you to slim down and look great. You’ll be able to eat plenty of fish, poultry, in addition to lots of low-sugar fruits like lime, cranberries, blackberries,  and vegetables. Regardless of what kind of foods you like, you will be able to find something that suits you for the diet, while also cutting out carbohydrates. Here is a list of foods to avoid as much as possible: breads, pizza and pasta, potato, rice, cake, pastries, pineapple, grapes, bananas, mango, sugar.

When you eat right, you’ll look great and feel great, and will be able to have energy when you walk around. You can follow some diet calendars and even download apps that will let you plug in and create meal plans whenever you need to. When this is what you are looking for, make sure that you do plenty of research to learn more about Low Carb Diets. You’ll get all that you need in order to help yourself out, so make sure that you figure out a diet plan that will help you thoroughly.

What Are The Best Muscle Building Foods?

Building muscle mass takes time and dedication. You will achieve your goals if you work out on a regular basis and adopt a new diet. Here is a list of the foods that will help you build more muscle.

Smoked SalmonAdd more meat to your diet but watch out for hidden fat. Even though red meat is rich in proteins, it contains too much fat to help you efficiently build muscle mass. It is best to avoid red meat and get most of your proteins from chicken, turkey and fish.

Nuts and seeds make a great snack or even dessert. You can eat almonds, peanuts, pistachios, sunflower seeds or flaxseeds to get proteins. Nuts and seeds are a great source of energy and make an ideal pre-workout snack.
Beans are filled with proteins. You can get a high amount of proteins from black beans, lima beans, white beans or fava beans. Beans are a good food to have after you workout since they also contain carbs and will help your body recover.

Low fat cheese is another good way to get proteins. You will also get dairies and a small amount of fat. Avoid full fat cheeses or you will have a hard time reducing your body fat and gaining muscle mass. Low fat mozzarella, cheddar or Swiss cheese are great choices.

To achieve better results with your nutrition for bodybuilding, instead of having three meals a day, try spreading your caloric intake throughout the entire day. Eat small portions every three hours and try eating proteins before working out. Eat carbs, fruits and vegetables after your work out sessions.

These different foods will help you build muscle mass. Introduce these new foods to your  and make an effort to reduce the amount of fat and carbs you eat. Remember that you will get better results if you work out as much as you can.

How to deal with ovarian cancer

There’s a bad word in this article. No, it’s not a four-letter word, nor is it an offensive word. But it’s a word that when spoken can cause such pain to the listener, and it’s being mentioned can mean that your life will never be the same: Cancer! Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with this pervasive illness? Or has this enemy claimed the life of a loved one?

If so, you know full well the harm that cancer can cause. While with other “bad words,” we tell our children never to speak them or listen to them, such should not be the case with cancer. By educating ourselves and our loved ones about cancer and its early detection and treatment, we may be able to lessen the damage it can cause in our lives.

ovarian cancer pictureAmong the kinds of cancer that need to be talked about is ovarian cancer. It is the fifth most common cancer among women. Ovarian cancer is most common among women who have already experienced menopause, but it can affect a woman of any age. Early ovarian cancer symptoms are often confused with other conditions and include: constant bloating, pelvic and lower stomach pain, frequent urination, unusual vaginal bleeding, feeling full quickly when eating, and leg or back pain.

Of the three forms of ovarian cancer, the most common form, known as epithelial ovarian cancer affects the surface layer of the ovaries.

No matter what form ovarian cancer takes, early detection is the key to success. Among women who have ovarian cancer, 90% of those who began treatments while in early stage one of the disease were still alive after 5 years. Unfortunately, early detection is not as easy as we wish it could be. What are tests that can help detect ovarian cancer? They include X-rays, a pelvic exam, a special blood test, ultrasound, and a biopsy of the ovary. Often cysts found on ovaries during an exam are tested to determine if they are cancerous.

While detecting ovarian cancer is not as easy as we would wish it to be, there are researchers constantly working of finding better methods of detection so that treatments can begin as soon as possible. Cancer is a scary word to hear, but by getting regular check-ups, being in-tune to changes in your body, and not ignoring warning symptoms you too may avoid being a casualty.

Skin cancer is avoidable

Do you enjoy relaxing with a good book and a cool drink by laying on a lounge beside the crystal blue waters of a swimming pool in the direct sunshine? It is sure that this type of setting would appeal to the majority of people today. For many of us who live in climates where there is virtually no sunshine for 6-8 months of the year this would be a treat only dreamed of. For this reason we see that many in the northern climates spend a good portion of the sunless winter months in places where the sun shines almost every day. However, there are dangers associated with too much sun that people need to be aware of. These dangers include wrinkles, the leathering and discoloration of the skin, aging and skin cancer.

The important thing to remember about our skin’s exposure to the sun is that these damaging conditions are cumulative. The more that you expose yourself to direct sunlight the more damage to the skin will occur. Therefore, for those of us who love to feel the sun’s warmth we need to do so in a way that is less harmful and more beneficial to our precious skin.

How to prevent skin cancer

Skin cancer preventionThe suns ultra-violet rays are most harmful between the hours of 10 am in the morning and 4 pm in the afternoon. If you are out and about during those hours you should try to stick to the protection of shade whenever possible. Some of the ways that you can do this is by bringing along a sun umbrella or by wearing a hat to protect your head.

Also, try to utilize the times before peak ultra-violet ray times to enjoy the great outdoors. Be sun smart about when you spend time in the direct sun and how much time to spend in it.

An obvious key point to everyone is that we should at all costs avoid burning our skin. This may seem like a logical point that people should know but have you ever been down to a crowded beach on a sunny day? It is amazing how many people allow themselves to get their skin burned by the sun. It is almost as if they want to get a sunburn. If they were truly aware of the future potential damage to their skin, they would certainly rethink about allowing themselves to get a sunburn.

An overview of bladder cancer: symptoms, causes and risk factors

Throughout history mankind has fought off illness and disease as best as they could. For a long time, even simple things such as a common cold could kill off many people. But with the advancement of modern medicine, very few illnesses are truly life threatening when the proper treatment is administered. But sadly, cancer still reigns as one of the kings of the illness world and claims countless innocent lives every year. There are many different kinds of cancer, but one such cancer is bladder cancer.

Thankfully, most bladder cancer is caught at an early stage, so it is highly accepting of treatment. But like most cancers, a recurrence of the cancer is highly likely later in life. Bladder cancer forms, quite obviously, in the bladder.

Because of the location in the body, bladder cancer plays a hectic dance with the urinary system. This can cause frequent or even painful urination. Most people with bladder cancer also experience differing levels of blood in their urine, causing it to have a slight brownish hue to full on dark brown, almost like a soda. Because of the location of the cancerous growth, back and pelvic pain are also common bladder cancer symptoms.

Bladder Cancer PhotoWhile no one can really say for sure what causes any cancer, there are certain risk factors that lead to higher instances of bladder cancer. Men are more likely to suffer from bladder cancer than women are, as are Caucasians. Smoking naturally leads to more cancer growth than just about anything outside of radiation, and should be avoided at all costs. Another common factor is simply getting older, as bladder cancer is far more common in the later years of life than in youth.

As mentioned earlier, bladder cancer has a very high rate of recurrence. Because of this, each and every bladder cancer survivor will want to go in for follow up testing almost yearly for many years after their treatments. But the frequency of the visits vary depending on how bad and what type of bladder cancer they had.

Dealing with bladder cancer isn’t fun for anyone, but it is important that those afflicted keep their family and loved ones in the loop. By having someone around that understands why you constantly have to go to the bathroom or walk around after sitting for awhile can help keep your spirits up. In the end, don’t let cancer beat you. Fight back and never give up.

A few words about cervical cancer screening

Each and every day, 30 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer (about 11,000 women per year) and 11 women die from it in USA. Cervical cancer symptoms include vaginal bleeding and discharge, pelvic pain and pain when having sex, weight loss, nausea and vomiting. Luckily, cervical cancer can be easily prevented with a couple of regular screening tests.

Cervical cancer screening Pap smear testThe first test, Pap test also called the Pap smear is performed in a clinic or the doctor’s office to check out precancers, or any abnormal cervical cells changes that may become cervical cancer in case left untreated or inappropriately treated. For the process, a metal or plastic tool, the speculum will be used by the doctor to widen the vagina to enable him or her to look at the vagina as well as the cervix. The doctor will then gather a small amount of cells along with mucus out of the cervix and nearby area. The cells will be then taken to a lab in a bottle of liquid (to preserve them) where they will be examined to detect if they are normal or not. All women are recommended to get the Pap test. During the Pap smear, the doctor may also do a pelvic exam to check your uterus, ovaries along with some nearby organs to verify that everything is fine. Also, sometimes, the doctor may be performing only a pelvic exam without a Pap smear so to know exactly the tests you are having, do not hesitate to ask your doctor.

The second test, the HPV test function is to check for a particular virus, the Human Papillomavirus that may trigger cervical cells changes. In case you are the both tests above (HPV test plus Pap test), the same cells gathered during the Pap test will be examined for HPV at the lab. Confer with your doctor to know if the HPV test is suitable for you.

For women with low income or do not have health insurance, they may benefit of a low-cost or even free Pap test sponsored by the NBCCEDP, National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. To find out if you qualify, call your local program or 1-800-CDC-INFO. It is critical that you get tested for cervical cancer and visit a cervical cancer specialist. A cervical cancer screening can help you save your life!

Cholesterol explained and how to lower your levels with diet and exercise

Cholesterol is a fatty substance (lipid), which is essential to healthy life. It is present in the nervous tissue, brain, adrenal glands and skin and has three main functions within the body.

1- It is used in the structure of all membranes cell.

2- It is used in the production of Vitamin D as well as steroid hormones within body

3- It is used to produce bile acids which aid the digestion and absorption of fats in the diet.

Produced mainly in the liver, it is also present in saturated fats in dairy products and meat and many processed foods. Excess saturated fat in the diet increases blood cholesterol.

What your cholesterol levels should be

There are 3 main types of fats in your blood.

Impact of high LDL cholesterol levelsHigh Density Lipoproteins (HDL): This “good” cholesterol takes extra cholesterol in the blood back to the liver so the body can get rid of it.

Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL): This “bad” cholesterol in the blood builds up in the arteries. This can cause your vessels to clog up, making it hard for blood to flow.

Triglycerides: Consuming a lot of carbohydrate foods may elevate your triglyceride level and a high triglyceride level may trigger heart disease, stroke and diabetes. The levels of these fats are measured by a blood test. The results will tell you:

Your total cholesterol level

A healthy level is below 200. If your total cholesterol is above 200, your doctor will check your HDL, LDL and triglycerides.

Your HDL blood cholesterol level

It is the “good” cholesterol: the higher the number, the better. A healthy level is 60 and above. Talk to your doctor about treatment if your level is less than 40.

Your LDL blood cholesterol level

This is the “bad” cholesterol: the lower the number, the better. A healthy level is under 100. It is preferable to have LDL cholesterol levels below 70 if you have had a recent heart problem. Confer with your doctor about treatment if your level is 130 and above.

Your triglycerides level

A healthy level is no more than 150. Speak with your doctor about treatment if your level is 200 and above.


Total Cholesterol = Less than 200 mg/dl

LDL Cholesterol = Less than 100 mg/dl

HDL Cholesterol = Less than 60 or Women: over 50 and Men: over 40

Triglycerides = Under 150

How to lower your cholesterol with a healthy diet and exercise

A low cholesterol diet recipeEating Healthy, such as whole grains, beans, and fresh fruits and vegetables. By eating a healthy low cholesterol diet you should see improvements in your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Choose more fruits, vegetables, and whole grain breads, cereals and pastas. Choose baked, skinless chicken and fish, and low-fat dairy products. Eat less fat, especially saturated fat found in whole milk, cheese, red meat and other higher fat foods. Saturated fat and, to a lesser extent, cholesterol in the foods we eat make our blood cholesterol levels go up. Choose foods high in monosaturated fats, such as olive or canola oils and nuts. Trans fatty acids, which are another form of fat in our foods, can also can raise LDL cholesterol and reduce HDL-cholesterol. Limit the amount of trans fatty acids that are eaten. Trans fats are found in fried foods and foods made with hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils such as cookies, cakes, crackers and other snack foods. There is no safe level for intake of trans fatty acids so eating as few as possible is recommended.

Limit food that contains high amounts of cholesterol and saturated and polyunsaturated fats, such as beef, pork, cheese, whole milk or lard. How do you lower the amounts of these fats? Overall we recommend that you eat fewer solid fats like in shortening or stick butter and margarine or the fat on meat. Instead, substitute liquid or soft fats, such as soft tub margarine, which are unsaturated fats or “heart-healthy” fats. Oils high in monounsaturated fat , which include olive oil, canola oil and peanut oil, seem to lower the bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol in your blood while keeping the good cholesterol or HDL cholesterol up. Eat more low fat foods, such as skinless chicken breasts, fish or skim milk.

As for exercise, regular physical activity throughout our lives is important. It can help raise the good HDL cholesterol and lower the bad LDL cholesterol. Regular exercise is especially important if you have high triglyceride levels. The recommendation is at least 30 minutes on most, if not all days. The physical activity does not have to be strenuous, but should be moderate, such as walking, water aerobics, swimming or bicycling to prevent injuries and benefit your health. You can also break the exercise period into small segments of 10-15 minutes if you cannot do the total time all at once.

Excess weight tends to increase your LDL cholesterol levels. Losing weight, if you are overweight and have a high LDL cholesterol level, can help lower your LDL cholesterol. Weight loss may also help to lower triglyceride levels and help to raise beneficial HDL cholesterol. You do not have to lose a lot of weight in order to show results. The loss of just 5 to 10 pounds will help improve cholesterol levels. Before you begin any weight loss program, but sure to talk with your doctor.


Medicine may be needed if diet and exercise are not enough. Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides through eating healthy and physical activity is always best. But, for some people diet and exercise is not enough so they must take medication to control their cholesterol and triglycerides. Even with medicine, it is still important to continue with healthy eating and physical activity, so that the lowest dose of drug is used. There are several drugs available and your doctor will help you to decide which type of drug is best for you.